​​A Proud Main Street Program


Announcing the Facade Improvement Program

The James Harrod Trust, Diamond Point Foundation and Harrodsburg First announces the availability of facade grant funds for buildings in the downtown district.   Funds are available on a first-come-first-served basis and can be used for most projects that repair, rehabilitate and preserve our historic facades.

Program Overview


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Tax Credit Program

Looking for a way to reduce your cost in rehabilitating your building?  Tax credits might be the best option!   

A tax credit lowers the tax owed by an individual. A tax credit differs from a tax deduction in that an income tax deduction lowers the amount of income subject to taxation, while a tax credit is a dollar-for-dollar reduction in income tax liability.  In other words, a tax credit of one dollar reduces the amount of income tax owed by one dollar.

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Taxpayers are urged to seek the advice of a qualified tax professional before proceeding with any tax credit rehabilitation project.


Routine maintenance is crucial in the preservation of our historic structures. Harrodsburg First has created a building maintenance handbook that will help property owners adopt a routine maintenance schedule.

From Planning and Zoning to the Board of Architectural Review, the handbook includes a step-by-step guide in obtaining the necessary permits to start work on properties in the downtown district.   

Download Building Maintenance Handbook

We encourage property owners who are interested in making exterior improvements to meet with Harrodsburg First.  We can assist you with the permitting process, aid in completing applications and even explore whether you could benefit from the state and federal tax credit program! 

Downtown Harrodsburg Design Committee

Harrodsburg's Design Committee is focused on creating a safe, inviting environment for visitors, residents, and employees who frequent the district. 

Our committee committee addresses issues and ideas related to the physical elements of the downtown:  landscaping, cleanup days, public and private buildings, storefronts, streetscapes, public spaces, signage, public art and window displays. 

Committee Members:
Leslie Bosse, Chairwoman

Elizabeth Dedman

Everice Shewmaker

Debbie Vandover
Millie Pyles

Kevin Meredith

Chris Dotson

​Joan Huffman

The flower pots in the downtown are coordinated and planted by the Design Committee.  Thanks to the City of Harrodsburg for handling the daily watering and fertilizing!