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Purpose of the Economic Restructuring Committee

The job of the Economic Restructuring Committee is to identify new market opportunities for the traditional commercial district, find new use for historic commercial buildings and stimulate investment in property.

The Economic Restructuring Committee must develop a thorough understanding of the district’s economic condition and its best opportunities, focusing on incremental change that gradually improves the area’s economic foundation and eventually make large-scale investment possible.

The Economic Restructuring Committee’s five major responsibilities are:

  1. Learning about the district’s current economic condition and identifying opportunities for market growth
  2. Strengthening existing businesses and recruiting new ones
  3. Finding new economic uses for traditional Main Street buildings
  4. Developing financial incentives and capital for building rehabilitation and business development
  5. Monitoring the economic performance of the district

Committee Responsibilities

The work of the Economic Restructuring Committee includes the following:

  • Strengthen existing downtown businesses and recruit additional businesses;
  • Identify downtown market opportunities;
  • Develop incentive programs to stimulate business growth
  • Assess the downtown’s mix of retail, commercial, residential, and civic space
  • Take the lead on all activity related to downtown commercial and real estate development
  • Conduct and maintain a comprehensive inventory of downtown businesses and available property
  • Promote the downtown as a good place for commercial and real estate development activity

Committee Goals

The Economic Restructuring Committee works with the City of Harrodsburg, the Board and Executive Director of the Main Street Program and the business community to create and support economic development initiatives that will retain, promote, and attract investment into the downtown district.

The Economic Restructuring Committee provides information and guidance for businesses to navigate local regulations and if incentives exist to assist in development.   

The committee places an emphasis on existing and new businesses, converting unused/under utilized space into economically productive property, boosting the profitability of the central business district & developing a long term economic development plan.

Current Projects

1) Assist with placing a referendum on the ballot to expand the sale of alcohol in the City of Harrodsburg

2) Seek ways to improve the exteriors of key properties on Main Street

3) Improve Olde Towne Park so that it can be utilized to full potential

4) Create a list of desired businesses and implement recruitment program